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RJK Cromulent Humbucker (Single)

RJK Cromulent Humbucker (Single)

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Cromulent Humbucker Pickup

The RJK Cromulent humbuckers are aggressive modern humbuckers with plenty of output. It has thick mids, big lows, fat highs and the ability to drive your amp into full sounding overdrives. The ceramic magnet in the bridge boosts bass and treble performance and retains maximum brightness and articulation, while the alnico V magnet in the neck position gives a warmer, sweeter, more rounded tone with slightly scooped mids. The double hex slug poles increase the output of the pickup and give it a distinctive modern appearance.


43AWG coil wire
Magnets: Alnico 5 (neck)/Ceramic (bridge)
Brass Baseplate
Wax-potted with beeswax and paraffin

Bridge: 12.5Kohm
Neck: 10.5Kohm

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