RJK Guitars

RJK - Standard/Custom Build 

RJK Standard Build - Made In Aberdeen 
We produce a range of high quality electric guitars, which cover many of the most common shapes people expect. These fantastic guitars are made in-house, in our Aberdeen Workshop, where the greatest care is taken to produce a superb playing and sounding instrument. Every guitar is supplied with a Custom Hiscox Hard Case, giving protection for your purchase.   We use Gotoh hardware on our standard build range and manufacture our own pickups to suit the instrument we are building. A great deal of attention is given to the way our necks feel and play. Mass produced guitars just don't get that sort of treatment.

RJK Custom Build - Made In Aberdeen
Perhaps you have your own design in mind for the guitar or bass you always wanted, possibly based on an existing shape, or perhaps entirely unique design of your own.  We can covert your vision into reality in terns of shape, colour,  neck profile, fret choice, scratch plate shape and colour and so on with pickup routing configurations of your choice, in the wood of your choice and so on, basically whatever your heart desires to deliver the guitar of your dreams.  

There are so many options that we feel it's best to and quickest for you to either drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we can then advise on price and delivery.