Custom Design Pickups

RJK Pickups  - Standard and Custom Pickups 

Standard Ranges
We produce a range of pickups for a wide variety of Electric Guitars and Basses, which cover many of the most common requirements. These are all hand-wound and use nothing but the best components, magnets, wire, bobbins and period correct for their era and supplied with the correct connecting wire. Our pickups are tested both electrically and with an audio test before they leave us, so that we know you will receive the fully working product you have ordered from us. 

Custom Pickups
In addition to our standard ranges of pickups we can create custom versions made to your specifications. You might want your pickup to be overwound or indeed underwound depending on the sound you seek, Other options include various metal baseplates, choice of magnets, bobbin colour and configuration and so on, basically whatever you're heart desires to fulfil your sonic dreams.

There are so many options that we feel it's best to and quickest for you to either drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we can then advise on price and delivery.

We make exceptionally good pickups in our Aberdeen Workshop.