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Maestro Invader Distortion (Pre-owned)

Maestro Invader Distortion (Pre-owned)

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Bursting with a heavy dynamic character, the Maestro Invader is an all-analogue high again pedal that demands attention.

Ruthless Distortion

With a vast range of distorted tones at your disposal, the Invader stompbox ensures a highly adaptable functionality that's suitable for gritty blues to hard rock.

Key Features:

All-Analogue Design: Creating a beastly distorted tone, the Invader uses all-analogue signal flow to ensure a rivetting vintage snarl bound to enhance your guitar sound.

Noise Gate: Including an adjustable gate, players are able to achieve a more aggressive sound that's ideal for palm muting and gnarly riffs.

True Bypass: Enabling you to have a completely clean signal whether engaged or not, the Maestro Invader true bypass allows your guitar or bass tone unaffected at all times.

This pedal is in great condition with only a couple dings across the chassis. Includes original box!

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