How to get to RamJam! LEZ and Bus Gates Guide

How to get to RamJam! LEZ and Bus Gates Guide

How to get to RamJam at 123 Crown Street!

We know that many of you struggle to get to us here at RamJam due to the new bus gates and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which will launch on June 1st. Here is a guide on how to avoid both and still reach us! 

Low Emission Zone (LEZ) 

The low admission zone begins to be enforced as of Saturday June 1st and we understand that means a lot of you won't be able to park right outside the shop anymore. But we have a solution! 

There is on-street parking available on South Crown Street which is outwith the LEZ as well parking in the South College Street train station car park which is only a short 3 minute walk! 

For information on the LEZ click here.

Bus Gates 

The bus gates are highlighted in red in the image above. The best way to get to crown street whilst avoiding bus gates from the North is by going along Market Street past the Harbour, along North Esplanade West and turning right onto Palmerston Place, going across Milburn Street and taking a right onto Crown Street. 

For more information on bus gates, click here.

If you need any further assistance on getting herem don't hesitate to get in touch through instagram, facebook or calling the shop on 01224 580666.

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