Pickup Repairs

Sometimes a pickup can just go dead on you and simply not work, other times it can become microphonic and squeal and feedback for no apparent reason. Either way it’s hugely annoying if this happens when your playing live or just playing at home. Pickup problems can be caused by a variety of different issues. Often we find it’s caused by spills, sweat, corrosion, physical damage, badly executed attempts at rewiring and so on.  Also by age, where the adhesive tape that usually wraps a pickup has reacted and corroded the wire winding and caused a break or a short.  Whatever the cause when a pickup doesn’t work, it doesn’t work !

The good news is we can repair your broken pickup and make it work better than ever. So don’t chuck it out bring it to us.

  • Re-strings – Free if you buy the strings at RamJam
  • Set-ups – Make your guitar play better than ever. Intonation, there’s a word for ya!
  • Re-wires – Got the crackles, don’t worry, we’ll soon sort that out for you.
  • Upgrades – Add those special pickups, we even hand wind them, that extra tone circuit, we do it all.
  • Re-Valve – Get your amp re-valved and sounding like new again.
  • Broken Jack – Happens to us all, but soon fixed at RamJam.
  • Re-frets, Crowning and all other Fret work, carried out in-house
  • Neck Breaks, and other accidents repaired in-house
  • Broken Pickup – We can re-wind it for you, it’ll sound better than ever, no problem.

We work on all sorts of instruments and gear.  All work is guaranteed and top quality.

We also carry out AMPLIFIER and PEDAL Repairs in Store in Aberdeen.